Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies

Celebrating Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits, BILLION DOLLAR BABIES features current/former members of Alice Cooper Band, Whitesnake, Trans-Sibberian Orchestra, Rock of Ages, Night Ranger, Lillian Axe, Blue Murder, Sinful Lilly as well as Richard Kendrick, Fi

Disc: 1

  1. Hey Stoopid(Kelly Keeling, Marko Pukkula, Sven Wannas, Simo Saarikoski, The Heether And Kurtis E. Phlush)

  2. Hello Hurray(Berzon)

  3. Billion Dollar Babies(Fierce Atmospheres)

  4. Clones(Manuri)

  5. Go To Hell(Quatermoc)

  6. Halo Of Flies(The Alice Cooper Experience)

  7. Its My Body I(Vid Payne)

  8. Only Women Bleed(Alice In Cooperland)

  9. I'Ll Bite Your Face Off(Monkeysoop Featuring Bill Lindsey)

  10. Pick Up The Bones(Alice'S Nightmare)

  11. Pain(Richard Kendrick, Kurtis E. Phlush)

  12. Be My Lover(Charlie Bonnet Iii)

  13. He'S Back (The Man Behind The Mask)(5th Avenue Vampires)

  14. School'S Out(Derrick Lefevre, Joel Hoakstra, Richard Kendrick, Kurtis E. Phlush)

  15. Spirit Rebellious(Sinful Lilly)

  16. Nobody Likes Me(Erling Solem)

  17. Dangerous Tonight(My Own Chaos )

  18. Freedom(Stalwart)

  19. Its My Body Ii(Mystic Force)

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